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photo31.JPG (139721 bytes)   PB15 Kabanda Qld 3'6"
  Photo RB Dow
photo32.JPG (108242 bytes)

  QR Garratt 3' 6"
  Photo RB Dow

photo33.JPG (134323 bytes)

  "Babinda" at Babinda.  This locomotive is now "Elliot".
  Photo RB Dow

photo34.JPG (131868 bytes)   Malcolm Dow and myself  at Upper Ferntree Gully 1957.
  NBC van 2'6"

  Photo PG Dow
photo35.JPG (76864 bytes)   HOn30 Bogie Brake Wagon
  Photo RB Dow
photo36.JPG (71814 bytes)   HOn30 FL Diesel Locomotive paint shop
  Photo RB Dow
photo37.JPG (108538 bytes)   HOn30 Innisfail Tramway 7' Van and log trucks
  Photo RB Dow
photo38.JPG (150384 bytes)   Climax 1694 enroute to Gembrook 2'6"
  Photo MP Dow
photo39.JPG (38962 bytes)   PG Dow (my late beloved Grandfather) and myself, 1951.
  Photo MP Dow
photo40.JPG (38154 bytes)
  Elizabeth and Cristina my daughters, and myself, 1999.
  Photo IB Dow

All HOn30 models scratchbuilt by Bob Dow.

I hope you enjoy this small selection of narrow gauge at its best!
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