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This is my new HOn30 layout.   Based on a 2'6" gauge shire tramway in the mountainous region on the NewSouthWales and Queensland State Borders.  Freelance in concept, a mixture of prototypical shire tramway rolling stock and locomotives, and some freelance locomotives keep the tracks clear. Actual size is presently 4 metres long by 40 cm wide.   A small mine, timber, and general goods and passengers keep the tramway busy.  This layout was built over the the 1999 Christmas holiday period.  There is still much to do (is a layout ever finished?), but I hope you enjoy this preliminary  tour of "Dowmont - Eda Valley".  The map has hot spots which allow you to go straight to  a photograph of that layout location.  The presently available photographs are listed below as well for your convenience.
Crissy Creek
Libby Mine
Eda Valley

Revised: February 19, 2000

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