Project 4 - HOn30 FL 0-6-2T FL Sugar Cane Locomotive

This project is a free lance 0-6-2T steam locomotive that captures the canefield appearance. This locomotive utilises the Bachmann 2-6-2 N gauge chassis. It is straightforward construction, and it is suitable for a first attempt. No major modification is required to chassis, as the locomotive body has been designed to fit the chassis. Read through all the notes, and study the photos and construction plan. This affordable chassis has proven to be a reliable runner, and tracks well as an 0-6-2T locomotive.




Notes for FL Steam Locomotive

2 x 4. 8 mm strip

1. against rear cab wall for coupler mount (21 mm)

2. continuation of front of tanks (21 mm) - # 2

3. support for smoke box saddle (21 mm) - # 3

4. smoke box saddle (13 mm) - # 4

5. curved buffers (10 mm)


Expanded view of loco front

P4smokebox.jpg (7650 bytes)


2 x 4 mm strip

1. support for cab floor (6.5 mm)

2. behind front buffer plate (7 mm)

1.5 x 1.5 mm strip

1. along inside floor sides (18 mm)

2. support lugs inside cab sides (16.5 mm)

Hand rails

9 mm staples (drill # 70 )

Domes and funnel

I turn these from wood. Any other suitable domes or funnels that you have will do.

The chassis can be secured to the superstructure by three styrene clips. These can be cut from scrap styrene (5 x 7 mm) and one attached to front, to hold the chassis to superstructure. Some scrap styrene strip will need to be glued behind the front coupler to provide support for screw (use MicroTrains coupler screws). Two further clips can be added. One each side of cab to hold chassis. (See photograph).

Hope you enjoy building this locomotive. Happy modelling.

Bob Dow   

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